Sunday, February 21, 2016

19 Months Down

February 22, 2016

          We weren’t able to meet too many people last week.  I don’t really know why…we still haven’t been able to meet with Kim Oomin since E. Groves came.  I really hope he doesn’t lose interest or potential since it’s been so long.  Also, our investigator Choi Byounhoon had some pretty good potential and was progressing well, but he is moving to Seoul in 2 days.  So that’s pretty disappointing.  We did have some good news with one investigator though.  His name’s Park Jongmoon and has been meeting missionaries for a while and said 2 weeks ago that he wants to get baptized in March!  We met him Saturday and he said August.  Haha it’s just his schedule that’s hard, but he came to sacrament meeting yesterday and said he enjoyed it.  Woohoo!  Hopefully he continues to progress and we can set a baptismal date (that’s not August).

          We had a mission tour with Elder Whiting this last week which was awesome.  I really enjoyed it.  He gave a really great suggestion that when we take notes we can write diagonally the thoughts and impressions we receive.  We talked about staying focused, success, inviting people to be baptized, and the importance of sacrament and the Sabbath.  It was a very uplifting time and I was very impressed by how inspired he was.

          We had a youth activity last week with a missionary work purpose.  The youth brought about 10-12 nonmembers, but they were all girls so…..but it was a good time.  Part of the activity was 3 on 3 basketball against the foreign missionaries.  We put a pretty good beating on them. 

          Things have been slowing down a little bit lately, so we need to find some new people to teach.  But it’s still going well.  I’m just worried that things will crash because we are thinking of dropping a few people.  It’s alright though, there’s still good stuff ahead!  Especially if we can meet Kim Oomin and help Park Jongmoon progress toward baptism.  It’s tough, but we’re going to give it our best shot!

          Elder Jace Anderson
                                                            Our church
                                                 I found Elder Deering
                                                         I found a river
                                                  Welcome to Korea

                                              Funny guy in English class

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