Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8, 2016

We were supposed to get transfer calls today, but President Shin has been sick so he’s a little behind.  We’ll get the calls tomorrow and then transfer on Thursday, so I’ll let you know how it went next week.

          Best news of the week!  Last week I told you about Kim Oomin, the guy I met on the bus.  Well, we met him again and he said that he remembered what we talked about and prayed before eating dinner.  We he did, he said that he had just this big feeling of peace come over him, and he got really happy, and even his food tasted better.  It was awesome!  He went out of town so we only met him once, but he said he’ll pray every day and we invited him to pray and ask if God is there.  He has lots of potential!  So does Choi Byounghoon.  When we prayed to start our lesson he said that he felt a lot of peace and comfort.  We had a good lesson on the Plan of Salvation which he loved.  I’ve never taught anyone who has been this into it when we teach.  The only problem is he hasn’t responded to our last 2 calls and texts.  It might just be because it’s the holiday season here (Lunar New Year).  We have received a few invitations from members though which has been pretty fun.  One of them is the Korean version of Dad so I told them next time we need to take a picture. 

          We dropped our rapper guy since he just had no desire to progress and we’re probably going to drop this other English suck this week.  But!  We now have 2 new African investigators who are awesome.  I probably wrote about it, but I talked with this lady named Debby on a bus a while back, met, gave her a BoM and helped them move a fridge.  Well, we met her and her husband yesterday which was super fun.  We just talked about their doctrinal questions about Adam and Eve and the afterlife.  It was a really fun time and nice to be able to teach in English.  The wife is super golden but the husband seems pretty set in his ways.  But he’s going to diligently read the BoM!!

          We have some good potential here, I just really want to see it pull through.  This next transfer is going to be a great one, I know it!  Yeah, so that was a bit of what happened this last week.  It was a pretty good one full of good new experiences.  Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement.  I hope you all have a great week!

          Love, Elder Jace Anderson

                                              Kim Oomin!!  He's the man!

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