Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good Stuff Here In Samsung

Fun times in Gongju

November 17, 2014
Yes, I am serving in the Samsung ward. Pretty Korean, I know. This week really was a good one!! I feel much more like a missionary now. It is super tough and hard, but it’s worth it and the rewards are great! During the middle part of the week, we tried to run message cards to members in the ward. I don’t really know the members and it’s hard because if you ask if you can visit, they just say that they are too busy a lot of the time. But we're keeping at it. So all you people back home, make sure that you are good to those missionaries!! We receive rejection after rejection the entire day long, so please don’t let them receive even more rejections from the members. Elder Beard and I have gotten loads of rejections, but that means we're trying! Our purpose is simply to invite, we can’t force anyone to listen, unless we're on the bus with them. HA! Suckas!
Man, why is it doing this!!!!

Anyways, we met with another inv, Jo Ooyoung again this week. He invited us over for dinner!! It was super fun to talk with him, were all good friends. We talked some more about the kind of person JS was and how his endurance is a testimony to what he saw, and also talked about how we can be with our families forever after this life. He has a cute little son, so we're trying to cash in on that! He's a bit of an English suck, but we're doing our best to peak his interest in the gospel. 

Funny story!!! We met with a former investigator this last week and he was saying how he saw a documentary on these ancient aliens that came to earth and taught man. And he wanted to know what the BOM said about these ancient aliens....hahaha pretty funny stuff. We just ended up teaching the POS instead. He is a huge English suck, but once again, we're trying to get that good gospel connection that everyone needs. 

Yup, it was a good week and I’m enjoying the mission life a lot more now. It’s definitely hard, but we're still going at it. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. You are the best!!!


Elder Anderson

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