Sunday, November 30, 2014

No Real Theme For This Week

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November 23, 2014

 Hello there all you people around the world. It’s cool to think about where this letter goes. I guess pretty much just US and Philippines, but it’s still cool, ok! Anyways, this week I finally go to meet our 2 Chinese investigators, Bryce and Jason. They’re college students living in Daejeon. It’s super tough because they have no former knowledge of god. A lot of people are like that here. And it’s crazy, we ask people all the time if they’ve ever even thought about god and they say no soooo much! I don’t get that! How could you go your whole life and not wonder about god???? There’s tons of Buddhists here and those are the toughest ones to get to think about our message. They simply just do whatever they want. Man, it’s tough.

I think the best part of missionary work so far besides seeing people progress is the fun random stuff that happens throughout the day. for example meeting a guy smoking on the corner and ending up having him drive us to an appointment 1 hr and a half early, and seeing his eyes bug out when he finally finds out that we're Mormons. hahaha funny stuff. Its great meeting all kinds of people but it’s crazy hearing all the different beliefs. This gospel makes perfect sense, but It’s so hard to get people to realize it at times and honestly think about our message. especially when all these other crazy churches get the people to think bad about us before we have a chance, but this is the one true and living church, and gods work and plan will go forth and prevail. I’m happy to be a part of it!

Stay true to the faith everyone! Thanks for all you do and I’ll talk to you aging next week!!! Sorry, it’s so short. We’ve just been putting up fliers and trying to drop by member cards. So yeah, this is Korea, hard but still going!

elder anderson

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