Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Korean Times

November 30, 2014
Hello everyone, I’m sorry, but I kinda procrastinated email time, so I don’t have much time to type this letter. Oh well! So we met with 2 of our investigators this week, everyone is just so busy here in Korea!! I kinda told one of them of fa bit and explained our purpose because he just wanted to do a role play instead of taking things seriously. But it all went well and I think he'll take us more seriously now.

Its crazy how people here have never even thought about God or what happens after this life. I talked to a guy on the bus and told him that our message is that we can live with our families forever through Christ. I asked if he was interested in this, and he said no! Man, I wish people could realize the importance of what we are offering!

We talked to these 2 guys on a moped, one was slightly handicap with 1 hand, and the other was kinda off too. But with Korean culture being so friendly, they bought us super expensive meat! It was sooo good!! That’s one thing I love about Korea is how friendly people are. Whenever you say hi, they say hi back. I’m really going to miss that when I go home, but I’ve got some time still to embrace it all. But at dinner, I did eat silk work pupae. I won’t miss that.

Yup, things are picking up little by little. There are good things ahead.
 Elder ANderson

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