Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sad Goodbyes and Very Happy Beginnings

Elder Beard

Old district

November 9, 2014

So the beginning of the week was just the same old stuff, but on Thursday I met my new comp, elder beard and he is the best!!! For a couple days we were both "greenies" because he’s just 1 transfer ahead of me. We have a combined total of 3 transfers going for us! But we're going great.
I taught my first lesson ever this week! We met these 2 college students who wanted us to do some interview for English for a school assignment. We did that and then introduced our message. I got to teach about JS and give his story and experience and it was sooo cool!! I loved iT~! That’s what I want to do, teach people about this gospel. I finally feel like a missionary now and I love it! I just hope they want to meet again.
We have several investigators, and 1 with a bap date. I’ve only met 2, but it’s so great being able to teach people and try to help them along their own journeys. I finally feel like an effective missionary and I am sooo happy.

Being so young, we’ll need a lot of help, but this is where we should be and the Lord is right there with us. There are lots of good things ahead.
 Elder Anderson

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