Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another One Down

Gosan, the rural part of my area

October 26, 2014

Week 4 of my first transfer is in the books. Sadly, we won’t be meeting with Jaemin anymore. His music teacher told him to find a church with an orchestra...we don’t have an orchestra...pretty sad. But we got another referral from a ym. His name is Lee Seungbae. We met him on Friday, ate pizza, just talked, and he had to go. He came to church with his friend and got to go to a primary baptism! The kids were super crazy and distracting, but hopefully he had a good experience. The spirit was really strong at points, hopefully he could feel it. He lives in Gosan, the rural part, It’s really beautiful there and hopefully we can go more because of him!

This week we had the trainers and trainees meeting and I got to see my friends again. Pres Shin asked if I need a new trainer because he said I’m an excellent elder and doesn’t want my trainer to change that. I said I wouldn’t want to do that to my comp and that I’m determined to stay strong and am learning a lot about how to treat my future juniors and trainees. But things are getting better, and I’m in for a good ride!

Elder Anderson

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